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So early 2017 our adventure started by visiting many of the villas which were developed and built by Tropis Living. Roland showed us around and spent ample of time showing the various possibilities of villa lay out and materials. We were really impressed with the quality of materials used. After our trip we knew it; Tropis Living was going to build our second villa. During the building phase we were informed on a biweekly basis with photos and WhatsApp life video tours of the villa under construction.

Almost a year later our villa is finished and we could not have been more happy with the result. The villa looks even more beautiful than expected and the materials used are of outstanding quality. We really appreciated the ease of communication during the building phase. Issues that popped up were easily solved. Ideas to make the villa even better than we previously put on paper at the start of the construction were suggested by Roland and adopted by us. Or the other way around: when we had an idea, of course within limits, to improve the look and feel of the villa this was incorporated in the plan without having the usual hassle of discussing extra costs. Last but not least, thank you Ronald and team to go the extra mile. Ordering a washing machine and cooler in the south of Bali was included as an extra service, which is quite handy if you are not around in Bali. Or being there to make sure that another company we used to make a stone wall carving did their job as we hoped for.
To conclude; we absolutely recommend Tropis Living if you want to build a villa on Bali! Roland and the entire team of Tropis Living: thank you very much for making our dream come true!

Freek and Angelique

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