Tropis Living

Gery Setyawan Wrote..

Ravenhorst Family, Jakarta

It gives us great pleasure to write this recommendation and without reservation to Tropis Living.

There is no better intermediary for ensuring construction projects are always running smoothly and at peak. Tropis Living, in particular Roland professionally coordinated and lead, exudes a level of knowledge and expertise that simply inspires trust.

What we really appreciated most about Roland was his keen ability to get answers, among with ideas , design and most important ,solutions.

The villa was done with care and precision. In addition, Roland is extremely clean and tidy and succeeded to be our eyes and not once we’re at the location but feel like we are because of all the updates photos we ‘ve received on the progress.

At the end,we believe we have a wonderful outcome and we will continue to work with Tropis Living for our future project.

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