Tropis Living

Mr Filip Wrote...

A few years after we bought Villa Asmara we discovered that our ocean side balcony was slightly tilting down which worried us.

We asked Roland of Tropis Living for advice in this matter. He arrived at our villa the same day of our phone call and discovered that some of the pillars, supporting the roof construction were affected by termites. In contrast to local contractors who just wanted to replace some parts of the wooden pillars, Roland suggested us to take out the wooden pillars and to replace them by concrete columns, which would require us to renew the 2-year young alang-alang roof as well. As gentle healers make stinking wounds we decided to follow his advice and to take down and rebuild most of our villa. Whilst doing so many other termite nests were discovered and damages which were not yet visible.

Together with the architect Kadek and Roland we designed a new concept with more concrete and less wood but also with respect to the traditional Balinese style. We had some modern ideas in mind to alter the design in a more luxury style, with lots of glass and higher ceilings as to respect the original "Buka" (open) design. We were able to turn the disadvantage into an advantage by upgrading the villa with an extra master bedroom and en-suite bathroom, viewing the mountainside and rice fields, as well to enlarge the kitchen, expand the terrace around the swimming pool, and install a bathtub on the balcony facing the ocean. Furthermore, we renewed all the floor tiles and added a concrete platform underneath the entire villa to prevent future termite attacks.

As Villa Asmara is rented out most of the time, we asked Tropis if all this work could be finished in just 3 months time, as we had many confirmed bookings on our calendar and didn't want to disappoint our guests.

Although Roland didn't want to make any promises, they finished in time. As we weren't in Bali during the entire duration of the reconstruction, Roland kept us always updated by chats, pictures, phone calls and many e-mails. If you take the scale of the project into account, it was not less then a miracle that they finished the construction within this short period of time. Moreover, the villa was completely painted and cleaned when it was delivered and her first guests were welcomed the day after.

Tropis Living offers a one-stop-solution. You only have to discuss with one company and they coordinate all the works and the delivery of the materials. You don't have to negotiate with all local contractors individually which can be a difficult and time-consuming activity. Having one contact to address all issues is a great advantage, especially with a dedicated and trustful person as Roland on your side.

We really appreciate the honesty of Roland and the great advice he gave us throughout the preparation and constructing phase. There was a very nice synergy between Tropis Living, the architect and us, as clients. Nothing was too much, everything was possible. Which, in turn, is the same philosophy we use as well to make our guests happy by giving them an unforgettable beautiful holiday in Bali ...

Mr. Filip